In Kenya, Artist Paints Mosques and Churches With Same Brush

Photo Credit: The Huffington Post
Original article published in The Huffington Post on 08/25/2016.

Spearheaded by artist Yazmany Arboleda, the “Color in Faith” is giving Muslim and Christian houses of worship across Kenya a much needed coat of paint and throwing in some interfaith activism as the congregations will all be painted with the same color — yellow. “One of the premises of our art is that by working together ― putting a paintbrush to a wall ― with people who believe differently than one does, one builds bridges of understanding,” says Mr. Arboleda.

One mosque and two churches have so far joined in on the project with three others on the books. For years, Kenya has experienced religious tensions between its majority Christian and minority Muslim populations (roughly 83% of the country are Christian, and 11% are Muslim).

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