Scholarly Commentary and Insight Series

These short videos offer scholarly insight into some of the key themes and issues raised in The Sultan and the Saint. We encourage you to watch and share them to gain a deeper understanding of the film and peacemaking.

Jesus in Islam

Jesus is a revered Prophet in the Islamic tradition. Learn about how Muslims understand Him.

Medieval Humanism in Islamic History

New scholarship is shedding light on the history of Humanism within Islamic societies.

The Role of Religion in Conflict Transformation

Neuroscience and social psychology are shedding light on violent conflict and conflict transformation.

Respect for Religious Minorities in Islam

Respect for religious difference is a foundational ethical teaching in the Qur’an and Muslim scriptural tradition.

The Social Psychology of Inter-Group Conflict

Cutting edge findings in social psychology and neuroscience.

New Historical Perspectives on The Crusades

Scholars are re-thinking the chief causes that led to the period of history known as the Crusades.

The Rise of The Franciscan Movement

Learn about what drew so many people to its message of peace and penance.

The Prophet Muhammad on Peace and Diplomacy

The important sayings and beliefs of the Prophet Muhammad on peace and diplomacy.

Faith Leader Interviews

We sat down with some of the world’s most important Muslim and Christian leaders to discuss the importance of the message of The Sultan and the Saint for our time. Listen to what they  have to say.

Shaykh Abdullah Bin Bayyah and Shaykh Hamza Yusuf

Two of the most influential Islamic scholars discuss the legacy of the encounter.

Cardinal McCarrick & Imam Magid

National faith leaders Imam Magid and Cardinal McCarrick sit down to discuss ways to promote peace and better relations between Catholics and Muslims.

Franciscan Action Network

The Franciscan Action Network is a vital ally and partner in the outreach effort around The Sultan and the Saint. Learn about how they understand the encounter.

The Peacemaker Network

Check out the national network of Peacemakers — these people have been awarded The Sultan and the Saint Peacemaking Award in cities across America. They work to build bridges of peace and understanding amongst Muslims and Christians locally and globally.


Reverend Michael Yoshii


Tom Ashbrook


Faatimah Knight


Sister Marie Lucey


Dr. David Oughton


Abbas Ali


Terry Lindemann

Jacob Bender


Imam Abdul Haqq


Nihad and Ali Khataw


Ken Starbuck


Jim Rigby


Father Jon Pedigo

John Wester

Archbishop John Wester


Sister Maureen Brown